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Thomas Piepenbrink
Business Unit Manager Industry International
Sales outside Europe
+49 5037 301-0
Bojan Kolaric
Key Account Manager Food Service Europe
+49 5037 301-0
Inke Engelmann
Key Account Managerin Food Service Europa (Nordic)
+49 5037 301-0
Sophie Penger-Deconinck
Key Account Manager Food Service Europe
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frischli: Your international partner

With the competence from 115 years of experience, frischli has a wide range of long life dairy products, in optimum quality for export. The range goes from desserts and long life yoghurt, to sauces, right up to milk and cream products. frischli is IFS certified, and as far as possible fulfils the national standards of its international partners. Of course, frischli also offers its products in Halal and Kosher quality if required.

Our partner for export outside Europe

Molkerei Ammerland eG has been a competent partner for frischli Milchwerke GmbH for many years. Both organisation are striving for future joint growth, for the distribution of dairy products in countries and regions outside Europe.

Ammerland Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore is established as a subsidiary of Molkerei Ammerland eG for the worldwide export of dairy products.

For inquiries or interest on frischli products outside Europe, please get in contact with Ammerland Asia Pacific as our exclusive sales partner under:

International trade fairs

Due to the continual presence at international food trade fairs, such as in Dubai, Amsterdam, China, South Korea or Hong Kong, frischli has been able to further build on and enhance its business relationships.

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frischli is IFS certified. We also offer selected
product areas in non-genetically modified,
and in Kosher and Halal quality.
Sustainability at frischli
frischli is IFS certified

Our farmers are certified in accordance
with QM-Milch.