The energy of the company

Milk as a raw material is the most important basis for frischli. As a healthy and diverse foodstuff, it is the basis of all of our products. Whether sauce, pudding or yoghurt, we use the natural raw material in each of our products. Today, around 800 dairy farmers supply their milk to frischli nationwide, and help us to provide the customers with a safe and healthy foodstuff. The milk producers ensure the quality of our high quality milk, by permanently optimizing and further developing the keeping and feeding of their cows. 

Milk collection areas

frischli is represented by three production sites, in various milk production areas of the federal republic. The factory in Eggenfelden is primarily supplied by Bavarian milk producers along the Rottal valley. The factory in Weißenfels, Saxony-Anhalt processes milk from Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. In Rehburg, primarily milk from Lower Saxony, but also the nearby areas of neighbouring federal states of Saxony-Anhalt and North Rhine Westphalia is refined. This means that transport times are kept short, the environment is conserved and the security of the production chain is increased.

The milk producer as a sustainable entrepreneur

Our milk producers in each of these regions distinguish themselves through a down-to-earth attitude, high expertise, and not least a high work input. They produce a high quality and unadulterated foodstuff, which is refined in our plants.
Farming systems, foodstuff compositions and milking systems are consistently adjusted to the required conditions. This is monitored by quality management systems, milk inspections and external consulting institutions.
Together with our milk producers, we carry out a regular status survey, and document the sustainable path in milk production and processing, that we are following together.

The path of the milk

As a rule, a cow is milked twice a day. It gives around 25 and 35 litres of milk per day, which is stored in a cooling tank. Every two days, the milk is collected by the milk producer, using a milk tanker, and taken directly to the dairy. Important quality parameters are checked in advance by the measurement devices of the tanker, when pumping the milk at the milk producer’s premises. Due to the large number of samples, and continual delivery from the same milk producers, a high product quality is guaranteed. Further investigations take place in the laboratory of the processing facility, where the final approval of the raw material is also issued for further processing. Only then does the milk processing start.

and Figures

Dairy Farmers:800
Processed Milk a year:1 B kg
Sustainability at frischli
frischli is IFS certified

Our farmers are certified in accordance
with QM-Milch.