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Powdered milk

The high quality milk is processed into top quality powdered milk, and offered as spray dried skimmed milk powder, or as nourishing whole milk powder, in special roller drying.

Powder qualities

frischli offers skimmed milk powder in various qualities:

  • Low heat / medium heat
  • 3.5 % / 4.0 % water
  • Standardised / non-standardised
  • Instant products

Special recipes

Special recipes and kosher and Halal qualities can be produced on request.


Whether snack products, big bags or HGV – frischli offers the right large container for powdered milk for every use.

frischli is IFS certified. We also offer selected
product areas in non-genetically modified,
and in Kosher and Halal quality.
Sustainability at frischli
frischli is IFS certified

Our farmers are certified in accordance
with QM-Milch.